Use a blog to show who you are and why you are one it is worth pursuing.

Why blog?

Many people might think that blog is personal, and not something an employer has nothing to do with. Basically this is correct, but if you blog under your full name, you must be prepared for a potential employer can find this. But it does not mean that a blog is scary, on the contrary it can be a great way to show that you are committed and give a good impression of yourself to a future employer.

Very controversial standpoint will may be a risk sport, but you have a blog, the goal should be to show who you are. Do not create a blog if it just be a marketing channel, to read page after page of it in practice jobseeker letter will be dull and uninteresting. Do you think it's fun to blog and give a little of yourself, it would seem, and it will be fun to follow what you put out.

To create a blog where you blog about things related to your job, such as finance, media or IT, may be a stroke of genius to see that you are competent, interested and updated on your field. For those who work with something creative, like photography or design, blog become a common way to show off their work, and this can be successfully transferred to other industries.

Blogging about your hobby can also be positive, whether interior, football or similar. Do you have a good, active blog can this be listed on your resume, such as during a point called hobbies.