Certification and approval

Product documentation and certification ensures quality and values.

No. 1 when it comes to quality

HRSS (Human Resource Staffing Solutions) shall operate a sustainable business that is characterized by responsibility of management, employees, society and the environment to be No. 1 when it comes to quality.

The company’s top management shall, based on the objectives, involve all parties in the business, both internal and external ones, and strive to satisfy their needs for quality policy that is carried out in accordance with:

  • The company's purpose, where "proper delivery" of our services is in accordance with the customer and all involved parties' satisfaction and requirements.

  • A shared commitment to fulfill the requirements and continually improve the impact of the management system, its processes and legal requirements.

  • Partnership, where everyone's goal is that the company emerges as a serious partner by being certified or accredited in accordance with relevant standards.

  • Participation, to make each other better, prevent pollution and promote sustainable development.

  • Each other's supervisory duty, the company's management system is considered a necessity rather than a requirement and that we shall at all times be able to prove our quality.

We will achieve this by continuous improvement of all processes and systems that are established in each organization. The organization compliances with the management system for quality, safety and sustainable development, as well as relevant laws and regulations and system suitability evaluated periodically by conducting internal and external audits.

We have the following approvals:

The company's QHSE policy
According to Internal management system for quality, sustainable development and HSE, with reference to internal documents in the management system.
ISO Standards
The company's procedures and management structure are in line with
• EN ISO 9001:2015
• EN ISO 14001:2015
• EN ISO 45001:2016 (SN-BS OHSAS 18001:2007)

The management system is currently not approved by an accredited organ, but this is considered to be implemented, if it is appropriate in relation to our production.
Brønnøysundregistrene is an agency under the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries Ministry, but also runs registries and services for other ministries.

Brønnøysundregistrene makes information the best available online, and ensures that data will be shared easily in public.
Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority
Here you can search for enterprises in the Unit Register and get certified if the agency is registered in the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority's register.

After the search, you must click on the appropriate organization number.
Tax collector in Sauda - Joint and several liability
The parties can agree amongst themselves that the employer's obligations shall be carried out by one of the parties. Such an agreement has to be approved by the Tax Collection Office.

The client and main client are both exempted from liability if an exemption has been granted. A main client does not have to apply himself.
Global Compact
The Global Compact is implemented in our Code of Conduct. This also to encourage companies to adjust strategies and operations with universal principles of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, and implement actions that promote community goals.

Our ID No.: 106381
Member of NHO Service - Staffing and recruitment Industry
As a NHO member, the company is affiliated with NHO Service, which safeguards the company's interests in the matters that are particularly relevant to the industry. We would also like to remind you of our regional associations that are at your disposal. These have great local knowledge and many contacts, and can be the company's point of contact with the central device.

NHO number is 603297.
Trademark Registration Certificate
Our brand (or trademark) is probably one of the company's most important assets. Our customer base is built around our brand. For most companies, loss of trademark (including company name) will in practice be catastrophic. So we took the necessary precautions to protect our trademark immediately!

Revised Employer (RA)
We intend to be a professional employer and a quality provider of staffing solutions. We will achieve this through, among other things, to follow recommended and mandatory standards and procedures for recruitment and personnel management. We have therefore conducted certifications of both staff and company to document our seriousness.