Customer Benefits and terms

It should be a good experience for our customers to use our services.

Why use us as "... your Human Resource partner!"?

As we also describe in "Our vision and business idea", that partnering with a staffing and recruitment agency is smart. It offers many advantages for you as a customer.

Imagine that you have a planned or an unforeseen need for personnel. How to resolve this in the best possible way for you and your business?

We have a number of arguments as you probably recognize yourself in, and seen the benefit of;
• Income and expenses fluctuate better in tact, improves liquidity / finance
• Lower total personnel costs
• Stronger focus on core activities
• Avoids stress of parental leave, illness, temporary work stops and vacancies
• Often a greater flexibility in the personnel
• Avoids costly / expensive hiring processes
• Ability to undertake larger projects than with only permanent staffing
• An alternative to relocation of the production

Your business can easily continue to grow without the fixed costs escalate.

Getting the employees
Our employees have the same rights as in any other business, even if one do not work fixed in one place.

When they begin their employment with us, they write under an employment contract. The agreement confirms that HRSS employer and thus responsible for the person receiving wages and vacation pay in accordance with the hiring company wages and working conditions.

With us, we use 2 terms intended to safeguard wages and working conditions for the individual;
- General application of collective agreements (Minimum wage)
- EU employment agency directive
General application of collective agreements (Minimum wage)
Regulates wages and working conditions in the company if it is documented that foreign workers are or may come to perform work under conditions overall are worse than applyd for nationwide collective agreements for the trade or business Sectors, or whatever else is normal for the location and profession.

This is mainly for businesses that haven’t clarified wages and working conditions in the enterprise.

EU employment agency directive
Regulates concrete terms the individual hired is entitled, and will depend on what the employee would have received upon employment with the hirer. It shall with the decision of this be implied by the laws / regulations, collective agreements, internal corporate policies and fixed practices applicable with the hirer.

Essentially this is what we use for our clients and staff.

Business Terms for temporary employment and recruitment of labor
HRSS has made a general review of the contract provisions, and adapted them to current market. From 2. January 2017 is the following business conditions applicable:

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