LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network, which you use to collect and keep track of professional contacts and relations.

Spend time on your profile
Create a good profile. The better the profile, the greater the benefit, this could have. LinkedIn has a helpful percentage for how complete your profile is, and you should aim that this is 100 percent. Add your education, work experience and courses.

Get recommendations. To request a LinkedIn recommendation is not the same as asking someone to be a reference for you. Precisely because LinkedIn has become an important professional arena, many use the channel to check people properly in the face of meetings, or new business partners and colleagues. To put some time in getting a good profile, with recommendations, does therefore not necessarily mean that you are active jobseekers.

Build networks. LinkedIn is not Facebook, where you can add people you do not know well. Although LinkedIn and Facebook of looks and features have become more similar with the ability to "like" things people have posted, they should be treated differently. Do not lay out private stuff on LinkedIn, it is not the right forum.

Contribute! There are many exciting groups on LinkedIn where you can show you forward in your field. Here you can get valuable contacts and make a good impression.

Update your profile. An outdated page is almost worse than not having one side. You do not publish status updates on everything you do, but be sure that since the minimum is updated on job and education, and often also the major projects you have participated in.

Future Business Cards
Add people to your contacts on LinkedIn. It will be easier to find them again, follow their updated information and to maintain contact.
Updated CV
Your digital CV. Press a button and you can send your resume to prospective employers, requests for projects etc. Always keep your resume updated.
Search ability
Many headhunters and others who recruits are searching for expertise on LinkedIn. Think keyword optimization!
Job Ads
Many jobs are only advertised on LinkedIn. In addition, you get the recommendation of LinkedIn on relevant jobs.
Company profiles
Follow relevant companies, see who works there – maybe you’ll find someone in your network. Participate in discussions. Be seen by your dream employer.
It’s a superb arena for building professional networks. Think long term and strategic, remember that people are moving.
Professional refills
A great number of exciting areas, where you can talk to others and learn a lot more about your fields of interests. Brilliant way to show them your own competence.
Make sure you are aware of your own google search. LinkedIn improve this significantly.
Personal Branding
The sum of everything you do digitally represents your personal brand. Make sure this is positive. LinkedIn helps you to build up your personal, professional brand.