News, links and other information we find useful.

News, links and information we find relevant

Everyday, things happen to be shared with our employees and the public. We publish some information both through social media and internally to create engagement around the company.

News that we are passionate about can be;
• New customers and orders that are of particular importance to the operation.
• In relation to the UN Global Compact and the 10 principles we have engaged in.
• Results relating to customer surveys.
• Results relating to employee surveys.
• In terms of activity on social media such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

News and press releases will be updated both here and on our various networks. It happens all the time something...

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Customer survey
We send out a customer survey every year, where we measure the improvement potential of the company. As a provider of personnel services, we want ensure that customer requirements are being met and that established procedures are complied with.
Employee survey
All employees in the company, be they project employees or regular employees shall annually have a tour of the working environment in selskapet.En such surveys are a planned and systematic examination where the individual based on his or her position can describe their impressions, be it strengths and weaknesses in Employment situation.
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