Recruitment and Selection

We find the expertise you need within various vocational managerial roles.

Recruitment and Selection

Through custom tailored staffing solutions and high service levels our customers experience that they saves both time and money when they choose us as their partner in the recruitment process.

Error Employments is expensive. We are therefore carrying out thorough interviews, reference checks, control of diplomas and certificates, as well as personality and ability tests. We present to you a selection of well-educated and experienced candidates, as we have interviewed and evaluated. This makes the hiring process very efficient, and you do not have to waste your time on irrelevant candidates.

We assess in advance the candidate's knowledge, experience, attitude and motivation, so that you only meet those who have the right expertise and interest in a specific position.

Exceptional 100% rebate promise
Should someone we place leave your company within their first 13 weeks of service, we will deliver the entire recruitment process again without any compromise in service level – if unsuccessful in finding a replacement we will refund your fee in full.

Very few placements we make result in an early resignation or a customer’s decision to bring employment to close. If the early stages of employment don’t go as planned - we offer our full support.

Call us to arrange a no obligation meeting. You can also use our online registration by filling out the form and press send, and we will take contact with you!

Fees and rebates

Our formula
Our formula for recruitment contribution / fees are completely transparent – the fee we charge is calculated on basic salary only. We charge nothing for our service unless we manage to place someone with your company.
New customer – Introductory offer (12,5% recruitment fee).
If you would like to take advantage of our 12,5% fee – you will need to allow us to work on your vacancy for five full working days without using another agency. After five full working days, you can approach other agencies should you feel you need to and our fee remains 12,5% - it doesn’t increase and we continue to work just as hard on your vacancy to find you the person you are looking for.
New customer – Introductory offer (15% recruitment fee).
If you have used another agency or would like to involve another agency – our fee is 15%. We have a strong record of accomplishment of finding people for vacancies other agencies are having difficulty with. We have a huge database of CV’s and a good network, which allows us to introduce the right people for interview where other agencies have failed. Whether the skill-set and experience you are looking for is challenging or you quite simply aren’t interviewing people with the right communication skills – we will be able to help.
Existing customer’s also get our 12,5% fee.
Our discounted recruitment fee is subject to us being given the opportunity to work on a vacancy for five working days without the involvement of another recruitment agency, recruitment business or job portal.

Please note:
You are at liberty to approach other recruitment consultancies after the five day period has elapsed should you feel it necessary and our 12,5% discounted recruitment fee remains the same – it does not increase to our standard fee.
Standard recruitment fee: 17,5% of basic salary.
Our standard recruitment fee applies to vacancies worked on in competition with another recruitment agency, recruitment business or job portal.
The last way out – Try & Hire.
To be absolutely sure that you found the right employee, you can also hire the person for an agreed period. With this you prevent a few unforeseen problems in operations.

"Try & Hire" is an opportunity to “get to know each other” during a worker’s initial period of temporary employment in your company, helping both sides to test the water and decide whether they make a good match.

The recruitment fee will then be reduced by 2% for each month until you reach minimum fee of 2,5% of basic yearly rest salary. You normally do this after six months.

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