Reference People are often the safest source for the new employer to find out who you are.

Good references are important.
Good references can be a critical factor to ensure you your dream job, but they can also have a negative effect if not used properly. We give you 8 tips you can take with you on the road.

There are many who forget how important references are, and that they can pursue you later in life.
Always work hard to the very end of your job, no matter how "done" you are or how disagreed you are with your boss

References tell a lot about you, remember that!

Avoid friends and family
Avoid using friends and family as a reference. If you have little or no work experience, you should use former teachers, student advisers or a leader of an association you have worked for.
Relevant references can be leaders and colleagues from previous employment, customers.
How many references?
Most been asked to provide a minimum of two references, at least if there is a serious employer. Be prepared to provide several references too.
Ask for permission
It is very important that you always ask your reference if allowed to use them.
Do not share your reference to all
Do not give your references to any prospective employer in the application. You risk losing your reference people as they would be called all the time, even if you might not be appropriate for a position. It is very boring if your references are tired of answering questions about you and thus do not provide the best recommendations.
Use fresh references
References should be as current as possible, preferably from last employment.
If it’s not suitable that your manager is a reference, better check it with a colleague, Technical Manager or similar. If you provide references that go back in time, explain why!
Provide updated information
Be sure to provide updated and correct contact information for references you give away.
Getting reference lists of job seekers where both e-mail and telephone are outdated, means that the consultant spends a lot of time collecting information, so make sure all your contact information is correct, before you give it away.
Notify your reference in advance
Always inform your reference when you've been on an interview, so they are prepared for a phone. Tell what kind of position you have applied for, so that the reference comes into the correct slot. You want your reference to give you the best testimonials, and most wants to be well informed before they get a phone.
Unsure which references?
If you are unsure of which references are appropriate for job searching, simply ask!