We can provide a variety of recruitment solutions in many different fields with our specialized organization.

We can provide a variety of recruitment solutions in many fields. Our goal is to provide personnel to the entire client hierarchy, if it should be needed. Are you one of them?

There is one step between you and the opportunity for your dream job.
We have vacancies in many disciplines and we can assist with both temporary and permanent positions within your segment to reach your goals - We'll do our best to make you find the right job.

You need to contact us, send us your documents, and you're at it! You can also use our online registration by filling out the form and press send and we will contact you!

Available job vacancies

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Get your dream job!
How can you do more of what you like? And just better what you already do? Can the business community be better in what they do?
It is rare to hear someone talking very enthusiastically about their job, isn't it right? There are in fact quite normal to lack the passion for what you do. But should it be that way? Lack of enthusiasm for what you do impacts productivity, quality, commitment, wellbeing and the environment!

Obviously it's a privilege to find a job you love, but certainly not impossible. But finding ways to be more satisfied with the job you have, are at least as important. No job is perfect - after all.
We have vacancies in many disciplines. We offer both temporary and permanent positions in Norway's most attractive businesses. To apply for a job with us, you must submit your documents - perhaps you will find your dream job?
In which countries do we operate in?
We operate in the:
• Local market (Norway)
• Scandinavian market (EEA)
• European market (EU),

but we focus primarily on the Scandinavian market. Please contact us if there is anything you think is unclear..
Tell us about good candidates!
Know someone who needs a job? Or someone who would like to change jobs? Tip us! We have many exciting opportunities at attractive clients and are constantly looking for good candidates.
I can not find a position that suits me. What do I do?
If it is not listed positions here, we constantly need more personnel to fill the already ongoing projects.

Take contact! We strive to help you to find the job you want. The first step is to send us your documents. Perhaps your dream job is not so far away after all?
Where can I find the available jobs?
Just below here is a list of vacancies. If you cannot find a position that suits you, please contact us. We'd love to help!

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