Vision and business idea

"We believe in relations, not transactions"

Our vision, business idea and USP

Our business is based on your need to realize yourself through the job, then also life in general. Once this is realized, you perform better!

With this and the company QHSE policy as a starting point, we have created the company vision and business idea which implies:
• 100% capacity of delivering personnel services to the customer,
• with the right qualifications,
• with the right people,
• at the agreed price,
• at the right time...

From this we have managed to achieve an image among our customers as (USP);
• Flexible,
• Solution oriented and
• Hard working
, and always able to reach customer’s needs.

HRSS wants to achieve an optimal match between worker wants / qualifications and company’s needs. We believe employees in HRSS then get a great opportunity to have a positive impact on both individuals, corporations and thus society as a whole.

To fully exploit this opportunity our employees are working by procedures and methods that are in accordance to our quality system. Our work practices are built on invariable ethical principles of high standard.

HRSS vision is to become a truly European leader in workforce solutions.

To attract and retain skilled employees, we focus on development - both personally and professionally. Meanwhile many seek safety. This need is met by an increasingly larger share of employees will be offered permanent employment at the customer. In addition, we are recruiting more and more people to permanent positions with our customers.

As an employee in HRSS you will be our most important resource and our face. We are your employer and provide wages, holiday payment and other obligations. We will do our best to make you happy and to give you new opportunities.


We believe in relationships, not transactions. We value teamwork, and believe that we are stronger together than separately. We take promises we make very seriously. We are passionate, committed and driven by progress. With us, it's not about being the biggest; it has always been about being the best at what we do and doing what is right.

Every day we welcome people and talents, who value our culture consisting of service, teamwork and integrity. We offer the opportunity to work with the best companies in the world, and the opportunity to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.

In this context, we want you to experience the company's slogans as relevant and trustworthy when we say "Work smarter..., not harder!", with us as your Human Resource Partner.