Working conditions

Salary is one of several key factors that are important to retain and recruit employees.

Wages and working conditions

As an employee in HRSS you have the same rights as in any other business, even if you do not work fixed/steady in one place.
When you begin your employment with us, you sign an employment contract. The agreement confirms that HRSS is your employer and thus responsible for ensuring that you receive pay and holiday pay.
With us, we use two terms that will protect wages and working conditions for the individual;

1. General Application Act
Wages and working conditions in the company if it is documented that foreign workers perform or may come to perform work on the conditions which all are inferior to those applicable under national collective agreements for the trade or industry, or what is otherwise normal for the location and profession. That is also for companies that don't have clarified wages and working conditions in the company or Enterprise jobs.

2. The Directive on Temporary Agency Work (2008/104/EC)
Regulates concrete terms for the individual hired. The individual hired will get wages and conditions witch is according to the matrix the employee would have received upon employment with the hirer. It should be the decision of this forms the basis of what follows from laws / regulations, collective agreements, internal company guidelines and established practice that apply in the hirer.

In essence, this is what is most commonly used with us.