Are you active here, can have the same effect as a blog help to show that you are committed, creative and updated.

YouTube is still not used by many of the job seekers, and will for most not be the place for networking.

But if you are active here, this is the same way as a blog and you can show that you are committed, creative and updated.

Someone has put job applications on YouTube, and most have heard stories of young talents who posted a video where they sing nicely in their bedrooms. Then they were discovered by a record company and get a recording contract. But with over 200 000 new YouTube videos added every day, it is obvious that you should make sure that your video are unique and different than others. Life as a YouTube star may be fun but it is not for sure a career goal.

If you make videos you should promote them on such sites as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Think of YouTube in the same way as a blog or website. Maybe you can talk about a topic you're passionate about? Maybe you like to create animated films? Both can be equally impressive for an employer, in different ways. If there are good videos it does not matter what you talk about, you must just be interesting.

As with other social medias, the key to success is simple: This is something you should have a proper commitment for. An active YouTube channel can be added under hobbies in your CV.